LVN Programs in California and Texas

What does it take to get through the LVN programs here in California? How long will it take to get certified in the LVN program? These are a few of the concerns of those training to become nurses often face when starting out. California and Texas of the two states here in the US that have LVN programs.

LVN training
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In other states, LVN (licensed vocational nurses) are called LPNs (licensed practical nurses) although they tend to follow the same path and have similar responsibilities. Vocational nursing training is definitely not a walk in the park. The actual length of the program will be dependent on whether the trainee approaches the course work part-time or full-time.

LVN programs in Texas

As mentioned above, Texas also uses the term LVN as their designation for this nursing post. There are plenty of LVN programs in Houston as well as Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Most of the major universities and colleges in the state have nursing programs and there are also LVN programs online. Although it was possible in the past to find free LVN programs, the requirements for grants have become stricter, making it more difficult to qualify.

The Lone Star State is constantly growing its population and the need for nurses grows along with it. There is a whole host of community colleges and extension programs available for anyone choosing to pursue nursing as a career. There are very few limits placed on this profession since nurses can start from the bottom working on the front lines of health care and move up through the ranks into leadership positions in health care administration.

California Approved Schools

LVN programs in California are just as numerous if not more so than Texas. Vocational nursing programs are offered in community colleges as well as major universities. Private schools such as Kaplan College offer a variety of vocational nursing options. California residents should have no problem finding information on LVN careers at any local city College.

What exactly does it take to become a licensed vocational nurse? Lord to become an LVN, the applicant must meet the state requirements for licenses. There are about 170 LVN programs approved by the state of California. These can be accessed through technical schools, vocational high schools, community colleges and universities as well as private universities.

Many training programs cover a wide vocational nursing training curriculum within 12 months or 24 months. The length of time it takes to qualify for a licensed practical nurse degree depends on the scope of the program as well as the learning institution. Vocational nursing programs do more than instruct applicants on how to become a nurse; these institutions are tasked to train an army of healthcare specialists who move through the ranks to attain greater levels of opportunity and responsibility in their profession.

Applicants will learn a variety of disciplines from biology to psychology; how to help and care for infants as well as the elderly. It is possible to choose from online nursing schools in order to attend LVN programs at night. Others may prefer the opportunity of group training at vocational nursing school’s campus atmosphere. Major cities such as San Francisco, California have specialized LVN programs. Bakersfield, California has a variety of moderately priced programs at institutions such as Bakersfield College, High Desert Medical College, SBB College Bakersfield, the LVN program at SCMC, Kern River Valley LVN program and Antelope Valley College.

The LVN Training Waiting List

Although there is a high demand for nurses in California and Texas, the LVN program is also in high demand by trainees. Part of a reason why this particular vacation is in high demand because of the great potential to bridge over into an RN program. This is where they licensed vocational nurse has the ability of moving into a registered nurse position. Many LVN to RN bridge programs offer rapid career advancement over the standard training system. A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification is considered a prerequisite when applying for many of the LVN programs.

The accreditation body in the state of California is The Board Of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. Be sure to check that the training program is board-certified before making a financial and time commitment. Full-time students can achieve their goals of certification in as little as 12 to 18 months.

Choosing a California Approved School For Nursing

Consider the success rate of the school that is chosen since it will be a good indicator of the quality of both the staff and the curriculum. All students in California are required to take the NCLEX-PN exam, take a look at the programs pass percentage on their website. If the program has a high percentage pass rate, this is a good sign since the exam is a pass/fail testing system.

The path to becoming a LVN in California requires a lot of dedication and study. This profession is not for everyone; a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary and it may be more advantageous to start with a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program. It is important to set aside the appropriate amount of time it will take to accomplish this goal and consider the finances needed to successfully undertake the training.

Consider the Cost Involved In a LVN Training Program

Whether the enrollee decides on taking off-line or online training courses, be aware that the overall cost will vary between $5000 and $20,000 based on the location, coursework, materials and overall involvement. Online courses will have to be supplemented with practical training at a local nursing college for hands-on experience.

Loans and scholarship opportunities are available in the state of California as well as Texas for qualified applicants looking to enroll in LVN programs. Check a variety of online sources or contact schools directly to inquire about their financial aid. A combination of online courses supplemented by internship at a local facility may help to offset the overall costs but choose the right strategy through careful investigation. Get an in-depth understanding of the fee schedules for both online and off-line college courses.

There is no getting around the fact that becoming a nurse takes time, dedication and money. If it were easy there would be no shortage of nurses. The good news is that finding employment as a LVN in Texas or California will not be difficult. Regardless of the expense, the result will be ultimately rewarding for anyone looking to achieve their ambitions within the healthcare field. For more information on LVN programs and institutions that support nursing, check this website.