Nurse Practitioner Salary – Specialized Nursing Professions

Nurse practitioner salary requirementsEmployment experts cite a fast growing requirement for health care professionals in a variety of specialties. Nurses with specialized training can command an above average salary. Those that currently have emergency services credentials, for example a paramedic, can jump on a specialized nursing career. Additionally, credential courses can certainly help ascertain credentials designed for brand new nurses are hoping to get into the specialty.

Today, employment of a nurse practitioner is probably the most stable and also the most sought-after in the nursing profession. The annual package goes up to $88,000 and it is usually decided with the geographical location, educational background and experience.

Apart from the impressive pay package, NPs will also be entitled to life insurance coverage, pension, paid leaves, and various other perks. The area certainly where a nurse practitioner specializes also plays a crucial role in determining the salary package. Specializations are offered in Pediatric, Acute, Neonatal, Adult, Family, Geriatric, and Occupational Health.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the typical hourly rate for all registered and specialized practice nurses, no matter experience, was $31.31 in 2008. Salaries are anticipated to improve more than the next decade because the nursing shortage worsens.

The average hourly wage for a registered nurse with less than 1 year of experience is $19.50 to $25 in 2009. Geographical place, type of employer and whether or not you’ve a bachelor’s or associate degree affect exactly where you will fall in that range.

Starting Salary to get a Registered Nurse

According to an April 2010 salary survey performed by, the median annual salary for registered nurses with much less than one year of work encounter was between $38,493 and $53,545. Based on a separate report, the median expected hourly wage variety of starting registered nurses was $19.58 to $25.08.

TypicalSalariesforRegistered Nurses -Wage Increases

While starting wages are modest, the earnings of registered nurses improve with experience. According to a recent report, the median salary for registered nurses with between one and four years of schooling and experience increases to $40,591 to $59,064.

Registered nurses with between five and nine years of experience earn between $46,743 and $64,905. Those with 10 to 19 years of experience, possess a median salary selection of $49,426 to $69,844. Registered nurses who have been around the job more than 20 years earn between $50,364 and $72,028.

Typical Salaries for Registered Nurses

The national typical salary for the occupation was $65,130, as of May 2008, according to the BLS. That functions out to an average hourly wage of $31.31. The middle 50 percent of the occupation earned between $51,640 and $76,570, and the highest-earning ten % produced upward of $92,240 annually. The lowest-paid ten % produced less than $43,410 a year.

The Nursing Industry

Among the factors that can influence the beginning salary of a registered nurse is business. The BLS computed the average annual salaries of registered nurses in the 5 U.S. industries using the highest levels of employment for the occupation and found that the highest-paid registered nurses function in employment solutions.

These general surgical and medical hospitals are the second-best compensated, followed by registered nurses who work in the offices of physicians. On the lower end from the earnings scale are registered nurses operating in nursing care facilities and the home health care industry.

Geographic Location as an Indicator

Geography may also influence the earnings of a registered nurse. The registered nurses who earn the highest salaries tend to reside in metropolitan areas. The cost of living in urban locations is fairly higher than rural locations, which inflates salaries in cities. The highest-paid registered nurses in the United States reside in the states of California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland and New York.

Nursing offers a major opportunity for individuals to contribute to society. There are specializations in the industry that offer a six figure salary. Being able to help others within the community is often a valuable life skill.